Am I really expected to believe this travesty of an election?

Am I really expected to believe a man who underperformed his predecessors in every race except the 12 counties he needed at 4 AM the day after the election is legitimate?

Am I really expected to believe a man who can barely fill a parking lot with empty rental cars for his victory speech is the winner?

After countless tales of shenanigans on election night?

After months of dire warnings on mail-in fraud?

After numerous courts have ruled against the election night procedure changes?

After those court rulings were ignored and illegal procedure changes were performed anyway?

After numerous violations of Benford’s Law?

After voting machines were shown to violate state and federal law on error rates?

After audits showed voting machines were tampered with?

After countless documented counting errors that only ever went in one direction?

There are two things that keep the American Republic functioning today: Money and Voting.

As long as my money is stable I can secure wealth over time and improve my and my children’s lives.

As long as my vote counts, I can gather a smidgen of collective representation.

The government has decimated my money’s value over the last 100 years, and especially the last year with these insane stimulus bills. They have decimated my ability to earn an income with these insane lock-downs.

And now my vote has been made irrelevant with severe, blatant, and extensive cheating.

I have no hope of representation.

I have no faith in my ability to secure wealth via currency.

The legacy of this country’s founding has been destroyed. Prepare for war.